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When you need the best in flooring in Santa Barbara

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Creating the perfect space is more than just buying some furniture and a rug. While those are elements that can help create the overall feel of your room, there are many more aspects than that. A really important aspect of any room is the flooring. It can make or break a room and give it the feel that you have been looking for. With the right floor, your room will look complete. When you are looking for the perfect flooring store in Santa Barbara, call or visit FANCY FLOORS COLOR CENTER today!

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When you need the best in flooring in Santa Barbara

We have a wide selection of flooring services including carpets, hardwood, and even installation. Our experts have the knowledge necessary to guide you toward the perfect flooring to meet your needs. We can help you with every step. From choosing your floor to a price consultation to installation, we can help every step of the way. High quality floor might seem hard to find, but when you come by FANCY FLOORS COLOR CENTER, your search has ended! When you need the best floors at the best prices, we are your one stop shop.

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We are a family owned and operated business serving the Santa Barbara area since 1983

Custom Hardwood Flooring

A beautiful floor can put the finishing touches on a room. It can pull the room together and give it the perfect feel. A great floor...
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Carpet Flooring

Putting carpet in a room often gives it a warm and cozy feeling. Though it got a bad rap for years, carpet is an excellent choice for...
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Window Coverings

A beautiful window treatment can completely transform a room. It can take a space from drab to fab with very little effort...
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Contact Fancy Floors Color Center and receive free estimates and consultations for your flooring needs! Please call or visit our showroom in Santa Barbara when you need professional flooring or high quality window coverings.
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Offering a Wide Variety of Window Coverings

Along with quality floors, we also offer a wide variety of window coverings. The floor is a big part of your room, it's true. The windows, however, are also eye catching. You definitely want to find the perfect treatment for your windows to help make your finished product look perfect. We can help with everything from finding the proper measurements to the right kind of treatment to installing your final product. Get the perfect coverings for your windows and make your room pop! Let our awesome customer service and years of experience guide you today.

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